Austin Car Accident Injuries: Head Injuries

Head Injuries in Austin Car Accidents

Head injuries are a serious consequence of trucking and other vehicle accidents. In fact, truck and car accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in the United States, accounting for 50 percent of all brain injury cases in people younger than 75.

In a car accident, a brain or head injury can occur when the head makes violent contact with another object, such as part of the car, the area outside the car (in the case of ejection), another person, the seat or dash in front of a person, etc. Furthermore, head injuries can occur simply from the violent movement of the head in one direction and then the other during sudden acceleration or deceleration. This can cause the brain to collide with the skull violently, doing harm to that area of the brain as well as the area opposite to it.

Auto accidents may cause only minor injuries to the head, but more often they result in more serious injuries ranging from a concussion to a serious and permanent traumatic brain injury. Other head injuries commonly sustained in truck accidents include skull fractures, brain hematoma (bruising of the brain tissues), and nerve damage.

In a head injury, damage to the brain can occur immediately and/or after the accident due to swelling and bleeding in the brain. Often the severity of a head injury and its effects and complications are not known immediately. It can take hours, days, even weeks to clearly understand the damage caused by head injury following an auto accident.

In trucking accidents, brain injuries tend to be more common with side impact, as opposed to rear-end collisions, though brain injury is possible in any type of truck or car accident in Austin. Furthermore, airbag deployment in a truck accident can also cause or contribute to head injuries. Defective airbags are known to cause brain bleeding and bruising, as well as much more serious brain injuries. Tragically, 227 people have been killed in vehicle accidents since 1990 due to airbag deployment in accidents.

How to tell if a person has suffered head injury in a car accident

In many cases, it is clear when a person has suffered a head or brain injury in a truck accident. However, in some cases, it is not clear. The following are symptoms of head and brain injuries in adults:

  • Mild headaches or neck pain that doesn’t subside
  • Greater difficulty with cognitive tasks, such as making decisions, concentrating, and remembering
  • Slowness in speaking, reading, thinking
  • Confusion
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Sleep changes
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Increased sensory sensitivity
  • Loss of sensory abilities (i.e. smell or taste)
  • Vision changes
  • Mood changes
  • Changes in social interaction

Effects of head injuries from car accidents

The effects of head injuries can be serious, often leading to significant disability and permanent loss of certain functions (or the reduced ability to perform certain functions). Furthermore, the risks of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are increased for patients who have suffered head or brain injuries.

Many people who suffer brain injury in car accidents face a lengthy and exhaustive rehabilitation process. Furthermore they may not be able to return to work. These consequences result in significant financial and emotional strain on both the individual with the brain injury and his or her loved ones.

If you or a loved one have suffered a head or brain injury in a car accident, we can help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses, emotional losses and suffering, and more. Please contact our qualified and experienced Austin car accident attorneys today for a free and confidential evaluation of your case.

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