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The risk of being injured in a road accident is significantly increased if you ride a motorcycle. The severity of injuries also increases dramatically as the risk of being involved in a crash, compared to passenger car accidents. National statistics revealed that motorcyclists were up to 37 times more likely to pass on in an accident than passengers in a motor vehicle. In Texas alone, motorcyclists account for only 7 percent of the motoring public, yet riders and their passengers represent about 14 percent of fatalities on the state’s roadways. Hiring a motorcycle accident injury attorney will make it easier to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Motorcycles are a major part of life in Austin, TX, but riders have a high risk of getting seriously injured or dying in a crash involving vehicles. Suppose another person’s negligence caused the bike accident. In that case, hiring one of our Austin motorcycle accident lawyers can help you recover compensation for hospital bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering, and in the event of death, loss of companionship, and funeral expenses.

Injuries In Texas Motorcycle Cases

Different factors contribute to motorcycle crashes, like the failure of passenger and truck drivers to look out for motorcyclists when they change lanes, pull out into the intersection, or enter the highway. Several reasons motorists fail to yield the right of way include driver inattention, failure to identify motorcycle riders, inability to estimate the closing distance of bikes, and sun glare.

Austin motorcycle accident lawyer

According to a statewide poll, the failure of motorists to recognize motorcyclists was the most significant risk of riding a motorcycle, followed by roadway defects, like potholes, harsh weather conditions, and the lack of protection. The lack of added security is perhaps the most significant contributing factor to the severity of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles do not have seatbelts, airbags, or metal casing to shield the rider from direct contact with a vehicle or the road in the event of a wreck.

About 30 percent of motorcycle rider fatalities involve traumatic brain injuries. So, Texas law requires all riders to wear a helmet unless they are over 21 years of age and have a minimum of 10,000 USD in medical coverage insurance, as there is no PIP cover for motorcycles.

Accidents involving motorcycles are often characterized by staggering medical bills, extended recovery periods, physical therapy, lost wages, and various other financial issues. Insurance companies may approach you with a compensation package without having to pursue them. Still, even so, you should retain a skilled Austin motorcycle accident attorney to examine it and ensure that you get what is fair and adequate to recover from your injuries and trauma.

Results of Motorcycle Accidents

A simple glitch in the road can also cause the motorcycle to tumble, which would cause the rider injury. Most accidents also happen at night when streets are dark, and motorcycles are likely to be unnoticed by other motorists. Motorcycles also offer less or no safety equipment, unlike vehicles with seatbelts and airbags designed to protect drivers and passengers.

Because of its design, around 80% of riders involved in collisions die because of injuries they have sustained from the impact. Here are some of the major injuries which could cause death or permanent disability to a rider:

Spinal Cord Injury

Our spinal cord is crucial as it holds nerves that transport brain signals throughout our body and cause our organs to function accordingly. Damage to our spinal cord can cause paralysis or permanent disability.

Head / Brain Injury

Severe head and brain injuries can have lasting effects on a person. He may be left with constant headaches that could last for a lifetime. Also, brain bleeding poses as a great risk to a person’s life.

Broken Bones / Amputation of Limbs

An impact can send a rider to be thrown out of the motorcycle, which can cause his bones to break. Most broken bones can be repaired. However, some are too crushed to be put back to normal again. In cases like this, amputation would have to be administered to save the victim’s life.

How Much is Your Motorcycle Injury Claim Worth?

All accident victims suffer economic damage. Injuries are hard to deal with on their own, but the added losses you may suffer due to a motorcycle accident increase your anxiety and pressure. The nature and severity of a motorcycle accident victim’s injuries determine the extent of their losses. Victims suffering from catastrophic and permanently disabling injuries can easily see their losses soar into millions of dollars. On the other hand, a broken elbow may result in a few thousand dollars in losses for an accident victim.

But don’t worry: all victims are entitled to fair compensation. Nobody should have to pay for an accident that was not their fault. If you have ANY expenses or losses, you should be compensated by the party who caused your accident. The amount of loss will vary greatly from case to case. The best way to determine the value of your motorcycle accident claim is to contact our office immediately for a FREE case assessment.

The following are a few examples of expected losses following a motorcycle accident.

Medical Costs of a Motorcycle Injury

Every motorcyclist involved in an accident should receive immediate medical attention, but we all know how expensive ambulance rides and ER visits can be. If an injury necessitates surgery, extended hospital stays are common. Motorcycle accident victims may incur additional expenses for surgeries, post-op care, physical therapy, rehabilitative therapy, home health care, medical equipment, prescription drugs, and other services.

Earnings lost from a Motorcycle Accident

Many injuries can prevent you from working. This recovery period can last a few days, months, or even permanently. Many treatments require time away from work to rest and recover. Your specific injury may also preclude you from performing your previous job duties.

You can’t, for instance, work in construction if you have a broken leg or lift heavy objects if you have herniated discs. Neck and spinal injuries can even make it challenging to work at an office job. Time is valuable, and you’re losing money with each shift you have to miss… at a time when you need it. Even if you have some paid time off, it can quickly run out, forcing you to take unpaid leave. This lost income can significantly impact your household budget and cause significant financial stress.

Future losses

When you consider the damage caused by the motorcycle accident, you may consider your injuries and medical bills, repair work to your motorcycle, and missed paychecks. Most people, however, fail to consider the losses they will incur in the future. The aftermath of your motorcycle accident does not end with your insurance claim or legal case resolution. The consequences of the accident may follow you for your entire life. A motorcycle accident attorney understands how to look at the big picture and determine the costs of future medical care and future lost income and earnings potential if your injury permanently impairs your ability to work.

Non-monetary losses

An itemized bill accompanies not every loss. Many motorcycle accident survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder in addition to the physical pain and suffering caused by their injuries. They may be unable to resume their favorite hobbies, or they could be permanently paralyzed or disfigured. These issues deserve real solutions, and a motorcycle crash injury lawyer can assist you in your fight for justice.
The entire purpose of filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit is to seek compensation for your various losses. However, when it comes to the number of damages you claim, the insurance company and liable party will not take your word for it. Instead, you’ll have to provide evidence to back up your claims. This may be more difficult than you believe.

Previous medical expenses and loss of wages are relatively easy to prove, as you can show your bills and pay stubs to prove those monetary losses. On the other hand, future losses are much more difficult to calculate and demonstrate. You must seek the assistance of a qualified motorcycle accident attorney.

Our law firm frequently works with clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries and have had their livelihoods disrupted. We have over ten years of experience and can determine your future medical costs and lost earnings with the help of medical, financial, and occupational experts. We’re also well-versed in how our Texas legal system handles noneconomic damages, so we can evaluate your case and calculate the amount you’re entitled to.

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