Compensation for a Slip and Fall Injury: What to Expect

A slip and fall injury can happen at any time. When it does, it can change your whole world – starting with mounting medical bills, missed time from work, a slow recovery process, and more. You may be wondering whether or not you should even put time and effort into finding an attorney and filing a case. After all, what kind of compensation can you get for a slip and fall injury, anyways? Here’s what to expect. 

Calculating Potential Damages

When you have been injured, you don’t just have a bill for going to the doctor. There are many more ways in which your injury has impacted your life — and many more reasons for you to seek compensation. Although every case is unique and comes with its own set of circumstances, it is not uncommon to see settlement amounts in the lower to mid tens of thousands for minor slip and fall injuries. The greater the accident and the more severe the injury is, the greater the compensation. 

Calculating potential damages comes down to a few factors that you deserve to be justly compensated for, such as:  

Medical Bills (Current and Future). If you have been injured and have been to the hospital and have had doctors appointments, then there is a good chance you have a stack of medical bills piling up. If you have appointments set for the future, whether for office visits, surgeries, or procedures, then you will be financially responsible for those, too. 

Lost Wages. Having to miss work either due to your injuries themselves or due to medical appointments as a result of them, may cause you to lose out on wages. Had you not been injured, you would not have lost these wages.  

Loss of Earning Capacity. If you are left with a permanent disability and can no longer do the job you had, then you may be stuck making less money than you were before the injury or you may not be able to work as many hours. If this happens, you may be able to receive compensation based on the money you are missing out on. 

Pain and Suffering. While each of the others are more objective, pain and suffering is personal and subjective, requiring you to put a price tag on how the injury will impact your quality of life. 

Maximize Your Compensation

It is important to keep in mind that every single slip and fall case is different from the next. And that means having to piece together the scenario, all the factors, the potential damages, how to prove them, etc. After thorough review, your attorney should also be able to give you an idea of the compensation you may be able to receive should you proceed with a lawsuit. 

To maximize this compensation, you need an attorney – one that is knowledgeable about slip and fall injuries. He or she will be able to review all the details of your case, decide the best course of action, and be able to build a strong case so that you get what you deserve. 

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