Why You Shouldn’t Talk to an Insurance Adjuster Without an Injury Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been injured? Is another party at fault? If so, it’s important to be careful who you talk to and what you say. Insurance adjusters may try to contact you in an attempt to convince you to accept certain terms or get you to admit to information that may not be accurate or result in lesser compensation. You should never talk to any insurance adjuster, not from your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company, without a personal injury lawyer.

Insurance Adjusters Use Deceitful Tactics

Insurance companies always want to pay as little as possible in compensation after an injury. Of course it helps their bottom line if they can collect as much money as possible from customers while paying as little money as possible back to their customers (out to claimants). Here are some of the tactics insurance adjusters use to try and avoid paying for claims.

Calling You Immediately After the Incident

Insurance companies think that if they can get to you first, they can gain your trust and prevent you from hiring a lawyer. They know that victims who hire a lawyer receive anywhere from 2 to 5 times more money in settlements and they are hoping to catch you before you find that out. The insurance claims adjuster is also hoping to convince you to agree to a settlement right away before you’ve had time to learn the extent of your injuries.

Convincing You Not to Hire a Lawyer

Not only will an insurance adjuster try to get to you before you hire a lawyer, they will also try to tell you that they are offering you a settlement that is better than what you may get with a lawyer. This is simply not true. They will even tell you that a lawyer’s fees will negate the extra compensation they can get you, which is also not true. Yes, a lawyer does receive a portion of the settlement, but you will still come out ahead, which is a win-win situation for both you and your lawyer.

Asking You to Sign Documents

An insurance adjuster may attempt to get you to sign documents that take away your right to try and get better compensation. Don’t sign anything for any insurance company before speaking with your lawyer and allowing them to review the documents.

Tricking You Into Giving Recorded Statements

Do not allow any insurance claims adjuster to record you during a phone call or otherwise. They will try to say that “the call is being recorded for quality purposes” or other types of wording you have heard before. Simply tell them you will not make a statement without your injury lawyer.

Insurance is a necessary type of protection that all individuals should have. But it doesn’t mean that your insurance is on your side any more than the other party’s insurance company. Don’t allow yourself to be confused or coerced into giving away your right to fair compensation for the medical bills, pain, and suffering you or your loved ones have endured.

Do You Need to Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been injured, call the Law Office of Joel A. Levine at (512) 982-1510 to schedule a free consultation. Filing a personal injury lawsuit with an experienced attorney can result in much higher compensation. Don’t speak to any representative from any insurance company without speaking to the Law Office of Joel A. Levine first. Apply for a free case evaluation.

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