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Wage Rights of Tipped Employees

Tips for Tipped Employees to Preserve Their Rights

The Legality of Sub-Minimum Hourly Wages Not sure of your rights as a server, bartender, or otherwise tipped employee within the Lone Star State? As an experienced Austin, TX employment lawyer, I can assure you that you are not alone in your concerns over the possibility that you are being taken advantage of in regards … Read More

severance pay laws in Texas

Severance Pay Laws in Texas

Feel Cheated of Severance Pay? Know Your Rights as an Employee! When your employment ends, Texas state laws and statutes require your employer to provide you with your final paycheck and any promised severance pay, minus any approved deductions, within a reasonable amount of time. If you believe that your employer has disobeyed these laws, … Read More

Helmet Laws and Injuries

Helmet Laws and Personal Injury Claims for Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents

The Effect of Helmet Laws on Bicycle and Motorcycle AccidentsContentsThe Effect of Helmet Laws on Bicycle and Motorcycle AccidentsHelmet Laws in AustinRecovery of Damages for InjuriesConsult a Personal Injury Attorney The question is whether a bicycle or motorcycle rider injured in a collision with another vehicle while not wearing a helmet can file a personal … Read More

Car Accident Medical Bills

Who Pays for the Medical Bills in a Car Accident?

Overview of Medical Bills in a Car AccidentContentsOverview of Medical Bills in a Car AccidentLiability InsuranceHealth InsuranceProperty Damage Many people I see are confused over who pays the medical bills in a car accident, whether or not they are the at-fault party. After a car accident, medical bills can cause added stress, confusion and financial … Read More

Injury Lawyer #city:t# TX

Laws in Texas on Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

What Are the Laws in Texas on Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit? A personal injury is defined as a situation in which one person sustains an injury because of the negligence of another party. The party that causes the injury can be a business, driver, friend, or family member. Any person who qualifies for a … Read More

Help with Nursing Home Abuse Austin TX

What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

I Suspect Nursing Home Abuse What can I do Legally to Act on my Suspicions? When your loved one is in a nursing home, you expect them to receive proper, compassionate care. While most Texas nursing homes take good care of their patients, those that fall short jeopardize the safety of all their residents. If … Read More

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