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Round Rock Car Crash Accident Lawyer

How We Can Help You Get Compensation After Your Car Accident

The injuries associated with car accidents are often painful, disabling, and even life-threatening. Victims often need immediate medical attention to stabilize their conditions and to treat things like broken bones, deep cuts and lacerations, head and neck injuries, and even internal organ damage. Getting prompt and effective medical treatment means an ambulance ride to the … Read More

Lakeway TX Car Accident Lawyer

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a significant problem that plagues roadways not only in Austin, Texas but throughout the U.S. In fact, the issue has become so pervasive and widespread that many law enforcement and public health agencies describe it as an epidemic. The National High Traffic Safety Administration says distracted driving claimed nearly 3,500 lives in … Read More

drunk driving injury lawyer

Are you the victim of a drunk driving accident? We can help!

Drunk driving isn’t just illegal in Texas, it’s also extremely dangerous and selfish. The risks associated with getting behind the wheel when drivers are over the legal limit are well publicized and well documented, but countless people take to the Lone Star State’s roadways everyday when they’re impaired. Studies show that drunk drivers break the … Read More

Truck Accident Injury Process in Texas

What to do if you are in a Truck Accident

Our Client Received A $250,000 Settlement – What to do if you are in a Truck Accident When a truck collides with another vehicle, the occurrence often leads to serious injuries or fatalities. Vast majority of truckers are conscientious and safe drivers. However, due to a variety of reasons, the accidents transpire, typically at the … Read More

Wage Rights of Tipped Employees

Tips for Tipped Employees to Preserve Their Rights

The Legality of Sub-Minimum Hourly Wages Not sure of your rights as a server, bartender, or otherwise tipped employee within the Lone Star State? As an experienced Austin, TX employment lawyer, I can assure you that you are not alone in your concerns over the possibility that you are being taken advantage of in regards … Read More

severance pay laws in Texas

Severance Pay Laws in Texas

Feel Cheated of Severance Pay? Know Your Rights as an Employee! When your employment ends, Texas state laws and statutes require your employer to provide you with your final paycheck and any promised severance pay, minus any approved deductions, within a reasonable amount of time. If you believe that your employer has disobeyed these laws, … Read More

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