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Mass Tort Lawsuits in Texas

When someone acts in a negligent or wrongful manner that causes you injury or harm in some way, you may be overwhelmed by your circumstances. The difficulties of recovering from your injuries and the stress of your financial situation as you are unable to work can cause you problems enough. Add to this the problem of attempting to get compensation from an insurance company reluctant to pay your claim, and you may find yourself unsure where to turn next.

The reality is that big insurance companies have no sympathy for your injuries, even if their clients have acted with complete disregard for your safety in developing and marketing their products. The policy of these companies is to delay your claim for compensation, minimize their payout on your claim, and perhaps even deny your claim for no legitimate reason. If you try and take on these large insurance companies on your own, you will be facing high-powered lawyers whose primary business is to defend insurance companies from having to pay any compensation toward your claims.

If you are in this situation, you will need the assistance of experienced mass tort litigation attorneys to stand up to these massive insurance companies in court and make them responsible for the compensation that they owe you. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine team will advocate on your behalf to achieve your objectives and goals in your case. We are completely dedicated to getting you full, fair, and just compensation for your claim, whether through settlement or litigation.

First-Class Representation That You Need and Deserve

No matter how large a claim you might have, the Law Office of Joel A. Levine has all of the available resources necessary to successfully handle your case. We are well known for our high ethical standards and professional legal skills that we have utilized in mass tort litigation cases in state and federal courts throughout the state of Texas. Joel Levine spends every day working diligently to provide you with the first-class representation that you need and deserve.

The Fair Resolution That You Need and Deserve

When you are facing the seemingly unlimited resources of a large insurance company, you may become easily frustrated. No insurance company is likely to have your best interest at heart. During this incredibly difficult time in your life, you don’t need the added pressure of fighting with an insurance adjuster just to get compensation to which you are clearly entitled.

When your Texas mass tort litigation team is squarely on your side, you will be able to face the insurance company and put yourself in the best position possible for attaining the results in your case that you need and deserve. We will work closely with you throughout your case to compile the necessary evidence and prepare your case to proceed to trial on your claim.

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